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      The Centre for Global Social Policy is a research, teaching, and training centre within the University of Toronto’s Department of Sociology. Created in 2013 as a platform to support the work of the Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Council of nada (SSHRC) funded international partnership research project, Gender Migration and the Work of re: An International Comparison, the Centre has expanded its aims to include the following:

          1. to conduct, support, and facilitate policy relevant research that addresses lol, national and global issues;
          2. to provide research and work experiences, trainings, and mentorship to students and new scholars working in the area of global social policy;
          3. to connect and contribute to lol, national, and global research and policy networks in the field of global social policy;
          4. to communite and disseminate research findings, analyses and ideas to lol, national and global communities. The Centre has research interests and expertise in the areas of family, gender, re, migration, and social development.

      The Centre for Global Social Policy is currently engaged in the following projects:

      1. Gender, Migration and the Work of re: An International Comparison project (SSHRC Partnership Grant – 2013-2020; PI – Ito Peng, University of Toronto);
      2. Settlement, Integration, & Stress: A 5-Year Longitudinal Study of Syrian Newcomer Mothers & Teens in the GTA (SSHRC Insight Grant – 2018-2023; PI – Neda Maghbouleh, University of Toronto);
      3. Gender-sensitive Macroeconomic Models for Policy Analysis (Hewlett Foundation Global Development and Population Program – 2017-2020; PI – Maria Floro, Amerin University, and Elizabeth King, Brookings Institute). More information available here.

      The Centre trains and mentors undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Sociology and other cognate departments by engaging them in its research projects, hiring them as Research Assistants, and providing them with financial support such as Work-Study Program, Summer Policy Internships, Doctoral Associate Awards, Young Scholars Awards, and Postdoctoral Awards. The Centre also regularly organizes workshops and conferences, open to faculty, students, and community members. Currently the Centre is supporting five postdoctoral fellows and numerous graduate students as Research Assistants. The Centre also has built extensive networks with universities and research and policy institutions in North Ameri, Asia, and Europe, and aims to expand its networks to other regions of the world.

      Join us in dialogue about these critil social policy issues.? I encourage you to browse our website to learn about upcoming events, projects, and researchers.
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      This research and its dissemination is funded by


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